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WJMA Podcasts Page

Podcasts are audio or video content that can be syndicated on the internet and delivered to handheld devices and computers. With the podcast feature on this page, you can either use the player we provide, download the files to your computer or device and play them with your player, or you can subscribe to the feed and receive them automatically. You don't need an iPod to listen to these features.

You will be able to hear a newscast from WJMA News every weekday morning. Listen to them first on WJMA, then catch the featured daily newscast online. Never miss daily news from WJMA again.

You can also catch J.D. Slade's "What Have We Learned This Week" feature. J.D. recaps the week in news.....with a twist!! If you miss it Friday mornings, check here Friday morning shortly after 10am and listen for yourself. Thanks for downloading and listening to some special features here on Today's Country 103.1 WJMA.

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