Being off the clock doesn't mean being away from work according to a new study. Forty five percent of those polled admot to checking work email at least once a day on their own time. According to your choices, where have you check your work inbox from?
  While on vacation
  While at a wedding
  While attending a funeral
  While at my child's school event
  While my wife was giving birth
  While taking care of business in the bathroom
  While in the grocery store line
  While shopping
  While being intimate with my wife or husband
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J.D. Slade Weekday Mornings


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Birthday? December 22nd
Years in radio? 30
What is currently in my CD player? Traffic's "Low Spark Of High Heel Boys"
Favorite food? Anything Italian
Favorite holiday? Valentine's Day
Favorite ice cream?
TV show I never miss?
Favorite sport? Football/Baseball/Pro Wrestling( that's sports entertainment)
First concert?
Chicago, 1972- University Hall UVA
Favorite concert?
The Rolling Stones-1984
First car?
1968 Chevy Nova
Dream car?
Anything that runs!!
Favorite websites?
I could watch these movies over and over?
Godfather/Godfather 2 plus Scarface,
Stripes and Superfly

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